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House of Development

The biblical definition of a court is an enclosure of

something. For instance, an enclosure of a tabernacle, temple, prison, king's palace, or even a private house. What happens in a house? People are developed by those who surround them. In other words, people are developed by their immediate surroundings.

While a young boy, David spent his time in the field caring for sheep, which also meant that he had to defend the sheep from time to time. This developed in him a heart even for the least of these. He fought in the field, which also helped him develop a fearless warrior mentality.

What am I saying? Although many would consider the court, or in this case David's field experience insignificant, David would have missed out on his development had he skipped or embraced this period/stage of his life.

Our courts develop us, however it is up to us to choose how we are developed. God has a purpose, yet remember that the devil also has a purpose - and he will most definitely try to taint your court experience by having you think and act negatively while there...

Being that your court experience is a place of development, you must always keep in mind that it is one of the most critical times in your life. Therefore, you cannot allow the enemy to come in to taint and frustrate your thinking. Every negative feeling, thought, or emotion that is entertained has influence when it comes to how we are developed.


Let It Go

You can blame your being underdeveloped on the absence of others, however the longer you hold them as the culprit for your failures, the more stagnant in life you become. With that said, can I encourage you to let it go?

As long as you label the court as a place of pain, you will not see it as God's place of development and opportunity. If you don't let it go, then you will miss opportunities of growth that are intended to transition you out of the court.

What if David would have despised his court experience? Would he have experienced the throne?

You will not move to life's best until you set your heart free. Let it go, and embrace development!

(This is an excerpt from The Court, The Camp, The Throne. To purchase the Book, please click HERE!)

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