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I wrote this poem once I realized that my wounds were deep enough to ruin me. My ego was holding me back from love so I had to give it up.

To be loved, you must know to love yourself. Face those things that are in question to experience real love, or bleed out from wounds of deceit.

I had to reveal my vulnerabilities to give myself a chance.

As you read this excerpt, I encourage you to give yourself a chance.



So many wounds

I bleed from the flesh

My soul awaits in a tomb

Wrapped in my own inequity

My simile is a mystery

This same charm has caused me harm

Love is a pawn, a sacrificial piece

To retain is to give a part of me

It gets deep

Willing to figure it out

Can’t help but have my doubts

I’ve been let down and the bearer of bad news

I’ve also been the one they say…

“Hmmm he ain’t nothing but bad news”

You know those type of dudes

Walking around knowing they got plenty to choose

Switch women like women switch shoes

In the midst of that, I’ve lost myself

An esquire palace robe stained with none else, top shelf vineyards finest

Drunk on my own highness

In reality, I am below. For I fear my own sentiments

My feelings revealed when I am hesitant

Vulnerability scales on the Richter

I’m taking all my baggage on vacation claiming to be free

Doomed with frustrations

My fate, faith, and complex of where I’ll be someday

Will I be alone… A castaway?

I imagine being with you

Because I can be with you

Giving me to you and you taking a part of me

Realms of intimacy could be unveiled to us…

(to be continued...)

This is an excerpt from Martingly's upcoming book “Lyrical Therapy." Be on the lookout for the release date! You may contact Martingly by emailing

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