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Our Driving Force.

I’ve learned that faith is the driving force for your life. Just like a car can’t move without an engine, you cannot move in any facet of your life without faith.

For instance, faith tells you to:

Open the bible to get a scripture to apply to your life at that moment.

Your life at the moment could be that you’re in need of hope, wisdom, peace, or even guidance. Being that you know all the answers are in God’s Word, without giving it much hesitation you should do as we are taught which is to run to The Man Who has all the answers!

Pray that what you read, you can retain and apply it to your life.

Almost as instinctively as saying your grace before you eat, it should be the same way when you talk to God as you begin to open His word to receive what He has for you. I relate reading God’s word to how I read someone’s text. It’s not enough to just read it; but I must read it how they intended for me to perceive it. That way, I can know exactly what they are conveying.


Perhaps you can begin reading by saying this prayer:

"God, give me understanding of Your Word that I may apply it to my every day walk. That just when I may begin to lose myself in my circumstance, I’d remember who you said I am according to your Word."


Believe what you’ve retained…

Ultimately, your faith in God will be strengthened. Your strength comes from the assurance of what and who you are in Him even when you're not able to see it yet.




See how that goes? All from a simple decision to read!

(...this entry is an excerpt from Timothy Dukes' upcoming book I Choose FAITH! For more information about Mr. Dukes, or to stay up to date with his events, please email

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