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The Carpenter.

Often times we expend so much energy on things that God has already fixed, replaced, or desires for us to walk away from.When we say we desire God's will over our own, we have to be prepared for the “process of elimination.”


Expansion or Elimination?

The Prayer of Jabez seeks for God to enlarge our territory. The expansion of something means things have to be torn down, moved, replaced and readjusted.

It's like home renovation. You cannot desire to expand your kitchen without making changes to things surrounding it. You may have to take a square foot from here or there. Initially you may think you'll miss that minimal change, and you may opt to find an alternate route only to come back and realize it has to be done.


How bad do you want it?

Once the renovation is complete and you see the finished product you'll look back and wonder why you ever delayed the process for something so small! It's the same with our spiritual lives. God is expanding you; He's changing you... but because we desire to hold on to what seems BIG to us (but small in His eyes), we delay the process.

Understanding with expansion comes change; which will avoid delays in our lives.

God will never take away anything that he won't replace with better!

No longer hold on to things God has taken away... delay isn't a denial, BUT who wants to stay in a place of mediocrity?

Keep pushing! Keep fighting! Keep moving forward to what will be, and no longer dwell on what was.

Your ladder will be greater!

God is our Carpenter - allow Him to do the work!

Philippians 1:6 "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ"

Let God be God.

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