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Mental Health: Why Going to the Beach is Important

Have you had your "Vitamin Sea" this month? Yes, "Vitamin Sea" not Vitamin C. Millions of people are affected by metal health illnesses every year; actually 1 in every 5 adults to be exact. In reality, there are more than that who struggle daily with mental health issues. No one is exempt from developing this issue. So how can we prevent ourselves from being another statistic? One way to boost your mental health can be quite refreshing and enjoyable. It's a simple antidote - go to the beach!

Me personally, I always love visiting the beach. It's peaceful for me. It's serene. It's a place where I can really just bask in God's glory and creation. It's an AMAZING place because it was crafted by the AMAZING God!

Psalm 24:1-2 - The earth is the LORD'S and the fulness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein. For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.

What an awesome experience to be able to sit in the midst of God's handprint. Selah.


Aside from the spiritual fulfillment, wellness professionals and scientists say that the beach has benefits to our mind and body. According to data published in the journal, Health Place, residents who live by the coast have better physical and mental health than those who don't. 

Just imagine...

Waking up with the horizon as your view, and going to sleep to the sound of waves... I think we all would report to have better mental health. There is something very soothing and calming about the originality of God's creation! Scientist seem to think so too (check out the Journal of Coastal Zone Management).

Is this why Hawaii was ranked the happiest state since 2008? (Maybe not so happy now with the current volcanic activity. Keep those residents and all involved in your prayers!) I'm not sure, but I am sure of one thing - visiting the beach can sure take a load off the brain.

Doctors say that the color blue has a lot to do with this happiness as well (God is so strategic!). Blue releases a sense of peace to people where staring out into the ocean actually changes our brain waves. Dr. Richard Shuster says that it '...puts us into a mild meditative state.'

You may not actually be sitting in front of a waterfall (can you imagine?!), but the smell of the ocean breeze actually releases the same ions in the air as it would in a waterfall.

For those who are Creative...

The sight of the color blue also triggers creativity. Where's my creative folk?! We all know that there comes a time where we may feel that our creative juices just aren't flowing as they should. There's a simple solution for that - go to the beach! Looking into the blue is proven to boost your creativity! The sounds of waves simulates the brain which triggers components in our nervous system that tells us to "slow down, relax and feel more engaged (according to Dr. Shuster)."

Shut it Down!

Need relief? Stressed out? Perhaps it's time for you to take your dose of Vitamin Sea! When visiting the beach, be sure to stay in the zone - meaning weed out any and all distractions such as, Instagram, Snap Chat, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, etc. Allow your brain to rest and embrace God's creation; and in turn, God will restore and renew your thinking patterns. In my opinion, uninterrupted time at the beach is necessary; and after completing this research, it is even more necessary.


As we close out May (which is also Mental Health Awareness Month) I encourage you to take care of yourself. Pay attention to your mental health, and do what it takes (even if it's a little every month) to make sure you are prioritizing the time needed to just relax and enjoy God's original creation. It's good for you.

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