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If we're honest, then we have to admit that there are times where we get out of place in God's plan. We get caught up in the things thrown at us (good and bad) and lose sight of the objective. We're thrown off course and so many people never get pass this stage in life for the simple fact that they don't know how to overcome. Life stops here for them. They don't stop living physically BUT they stop dreaming & pursuing that which was once attainable. This is where people get comfortable with being the status quo... They get comfortable with living an ordinary life; ultimately compromising their potential, purpose, and destiny.

To get out of this place you must first realize that you're not the only one in this position. You're not alone. MANY have and are presently experiencing a time where they realize that they have loss sight of their goal or objective and now feel stuck where they're at... The secret in moving forward is to not give your NOW too much attention. Life happens... And it will continue to happen. What determines your outcome is how you handle it.

What do you want to see happen in your life? Let me encourage you to never give up on THAT! Be consistent. Take your time. Don't try to handle everything at once. Don't try to conquer the world in one night. Things come through consistency. Slow and steady wins the race. Let life happen... Acknowledge it and let it influence you positively. Everything that happens in your life has THE purpose to push you, not to stop you.

If life has come to a stop for you, where things are uncontrollably leaving your plate, then let it happen. Embrace it. This is God pressing the reset button in your life. Sometimes this is necessary because often times we move faster than our healing process. (Think about that).

You cannot SUCCESSFULLY move forward until you're healed from your past relationships, incidents, etc. We have learned and embraced the statement "keep it moving" in the wrong context. Yes, don't let nothing stop you from accomplishing every dream, but don't keep going as if you don't hurt from an incident or past relationship. You have to deal with it because the fact remains that it happened..

Being successful is not only for our benefit. Our success is in our effectiveness. And we are only as effective as we choose to be... Nothing deep. You can choose to be effective. How? By choosing to no longer cover up what happened... Face it head on.

This is how we get out of our stationary position. And this is how we keep it moving.

Don't get discourage when God chooses to press the reset button in your life. Embrace this time and own your past & present so that you can welcome your future.

Webster's Dictionary defines Reset as this: to put back in the correct position for healing.

You're being placed back into position for healing. Let it begin.

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