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1:1 coaching that will help you write your book.

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I am so grateful for the opportunity to have Tiffany guide me in my journey of becoming an author. She is very professional, listening to the ideas and envisioning which direction to take to become successful. Seeing the excitement on Tiffany's face as I begin my journey gives me the confidence to keep going. Thank you Tiffany!



There isn't enough space nor words that I could use to express how grateful I am for the motivation Tiffany White has given me. She has truly birthed something out of me that I had no idea existed - an Author. Thank you Tiffany for taking the time out to do what no one else has ever done for me; you believed in me.


Michael + Colleen

Ms. White has reignited the spark in me I had when I first started writing. We are currently working on my first full book which I wrote for to my unborn son 12 years ago. My son and I still read it now for fun. She also provided valuable insight on different possibilities for the story such as adding an audio cd with music and the lyrics and an interactive website. I am excited to get this project started so we can share it with other families. I also hope that my son will one day read it to my grandchildren.

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So before I started the process of publishing my book, I knew nothing about how to bring my work to life. When I met Tiffany she not only encouraged me to write, but she coached on how to bring my work to life. Tiffany made me realize my purpose and intent for the book and provided clarity on things that I never considered before. She is a great coach and will always be honest with you on your content and project goals.

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1:1 Coaching (PIF)



Hands on training that will help you write your manuscript within 30 days.

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