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From Pen to Published (1:1 Coaching)


We cater to both first-time authors and experienced writers. We specialize in religion, Christianity, self-help, and non-fictional genres. We offer one-on-one coaching services and workshops. Our process involves an initial consultation, practical tips and writing prompts, weekly meetings over the course of 4 months, and support in finding a publisher and building a marketing plan. Our program serves clients best by providing a structured, supportive, and empowering environment that helps them overcome their fears and anxieties about writing and publishing a book. We provide personalized coaching and guidance to help them bring their vision to life, clarify their thoughts, and create a cohesive manuscript. We also help them connect with the right publisher and support them through the publishing process. Finally, we assist with building a marketing plan and bringing it to fruition. This multi-faceted approach provides a comprehensive solution for our clients' needs and helps to remove roadblocks and obstacles along the way. We value personalized attention and guidance for our clients, and we have a strong focus on helping them achieve their publishing goals. We understand the challenges that come with writing and publishing a book, and our process is designed to provide practical solutions and support throughout the entire process. We are dedicated and knowledgeable about the publishing industry, and we are passionate about helping others bring their stories to life.

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